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Killer Bean 2: The Party is a short released in 2000,

The concept for Killer Bean came in a short produced by Jeff Lew in the late 1990s entitled "Killer Bean: The Interrogation", which was later called "Killer Bean 1". Jeff Lew intended this short only to teach himself animation, and it only received about 3000 hits. After practicing animation for about 2 years, Lew started work on "Killer Bean 2.1: The Party", a 7-minute short. "Killer Bean 2" took about 3 years to create, and was released on iFilm in 2000. In about 6 months, it received about a million views, which was significant before YouTube.[4] A later edit, "Killer Bean 2.1", was uploaded to YouTube in 2009. Killer Bean 2.1 has since gained more than 2.5 million views on YouTube since its initial upload in 2009.[5]


Beans are dancing in a warehouse when Killer Bean wakes up in his apartment. Killer Bean decides he is killing the beans playing the music because he can't sleep. He arrives at the warehouse and kills all the beans except the DJ Bean, both beans make it to the rooftop and have a short 1v1 shootout before DJ bean is shot. DJ Bean's life flashes before his eyes, and dies a few seconds later. Killer Bean Takes The CD and destroys it.


  • This short would later become the inspiration for the opening scene of Killer Bean Forever

Cast and Characters

  • Leonardo Ruiz as Killer Bean
  • Jeff Lew as DJ Bean